FullStack Java Development

Get a Fullstack Java developer without the months of recruitment

Want a developer who does frontend, backend and infrastructure? Try one of our developers.
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Simple & Powerful

Take the interview process from months to hours.

All our developers are based in the United States with years of experience in Java development. Get experts into your app executing your vision without having to deal with timezones or quality issues. If you need senior engineers to add features or system architects to redesign a current application to deal with new found success, Katyella has what you are looking for.

Our Process

1. Discovery call

Lets find out in a 15 min call what you are exactly looking for. Do you a need a developer heavier on the backend for your etl projects. Do you need a react + java dev for you customer facing app? Or maybe you some AWS skills to move to dockerization in EKS?

2. Pair up

One more call with the candidate we believe to best fit your needs. This is a one hour call for you and the candidate to talk about each others backgrounds and get to know where they best can fit in your team

3. Trial Month

Work together for a full month to get to know how each other work. There will be some onboarding work to get through but our candidates are so good they will show some true value. This can either be in some architecture documentation, advice in CI/CD best practices and suggestions on modern tooling. If not we can try to pair up with another canidate or we part ways no charge to you.

4. Embedding in Your Team

You now have a new partner who will be an integrated part of your team. All work in the US so time zones are of no problem. Watch as our devs build your vision of the future.


Stop worrying about your contractors and start collaborating

Jeff Ayars
“Above all, I was impressed with the quality of Chase's solutions, he never just built a feature or fixed a bug, he thought through maintenance, extensibility, and performance and engineered a clean solution that improved our product beyond the expectation of the story.”
Hesom Parhizkar
"Partnering with Matt over several years at eVestment was a seamless experience. I never had to worry about any project he was involved in. His work was always executed quickly and thoroughly. He effectively managed an entire product line by himself, demonstrating exceptional reliability and expertise."
Rick Faucher
"Ian is a highly skilled full-stack engineer. He quickly assessed our needs and immediately dove in to do the work with little direction required. He is very efficient, communicative and deftly handles troubleshooting and coordination across stakeholders. He is a pleasure with whom time collaborate and work."
Ed Joseph
"During his time at Balto Software, Matthew consistently impressed me with his expertise in robust, efficient, and scalable solutions for our projects. His proficiency in crafting solutions and AWS, made him an invaluable member of our team."
Jeff Ayars
"I was impressed with Matt's breadth and depth of skills as an engineer. Whether teaching observable to his peers for our Angular 2/4 frontend or implementing our Terraform plans for ECS based services or completing stories for Java or Node.js based services, Matt picked up what he needed and got the job done."
Stefano Bertelli
"Ian's ability to quickly familiarize himself with new technologies and concepts makes him a valuable asset. His dedication to continuous learning and ability to communicate effectively with non-technical resources makes him an outstanding and well-rounded engineer that is a pleasure to work with."